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  Charrith Klimet: We will soon be able to salvage runes and sigils!
  Sunny: <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/A2m6GKM"><a href="//">Annual CH Halloween Costume Contest - 2018</a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>
  Sunny: HALP! I c ant figure it out!
  Sunny: Um, this one?
  Sunny: Ok, try this link for Halloween Costume Contest Screenshots.
  Sunny: OOPS! Wrong Link for Halloween Screenshots. Need to fix it... sorry,.
  Sunny: Here is the Link to the screenshots from the Annual CH Halloween Costume Contest. [Imgur](
  Sunny: Here's the fabulous dance video that some CH'ers helped make. (Blaeys, Wedge, and Sunny). :)
  Charrith Klimet: Yay for the return of Crown Pavilion!
  Xuin: Is there still room for an old timer like me?
  Tibicia: Well, I use shift for TS, but I do use CTRL. CTRL- Z = raptor, -x =bunny, c... Now I've got a stinkin' CTRL-N! That's starting to push the limit.
  Blaeys: remember that you can use [shift] + a key. It is what I do for the griffon (shift X). But yea, keybinds are fast becoming premium property :)
  Tibicia: Shoot, I'm gonna run out of keybinds!
  Blaeys: A freakin Roller Beetle :)
  Blaeys: For those asking about the healing engi build Ive been using in WvW and open world -
  Charrith Klimet: The new Fear Not this Night is released on Soundcloud!
  Black War Hammer: I posted some Raid Boss Tanking Guides in the forums - have a boo
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